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Since 1963, we have been designing and weaving the finest silk textiles, remaining one of America’s most prestigious silk weavers. Our original collection specialized in American quality repp and regimental stripes. By envisioning the design and manufacturing process as a collaborative effort, we form a partnership with every customer. Not limited to just supply, we collaborate and cater to your individual needs, proposing new concepts and providing solutions using our experience in design, production and manufacturing. Our involvement in the complete design process and superior attention to detail generates impressive results, whether executing a basic pattern or an intricate design.

All design takes place here at our design studio in New York City. Our immense in-house historical archive and innumerable references provide both inspiration and insights for our customers and designers alike, sparking great development.  While the archives provide unlimited scope for design direction, we are also capable of interpreting individuals’ visions recreating them accurately in CAD or jacquard format. Utilizing our CAD and digital loom networking technology, we create intricate designs and weave fabric in a fast, effective manner.

Harry Bachrach’s prime location and archival reference studio provide customers with a special opportunity to work with our design and merchandising team. By catering to clients’ needs on an individual basis we can make designs suiting each distinctive collection. Our on-site technical design / merchandising services and close interaction with overseas staff, allow for an unparalleled speed to market.  We are able to consistently achieve development and production objectives with enhanced quality, while delivering according to customers’ schedules, in order to meet market demands.

Design in New York

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