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Harry Bachrach, Inc. traces its roots back to Vienna, Austria. In 1910, before the Second World War, Harry Bachrach was born into one of the largest silk weaving families in Europe. At age 19 he took over as manager of the Bachrach family textile business, weaving silk fabrics throughout Europe.

In 1938, Bachrach fled to London where he worked at one of the oldest English Mills, originally from Spitalfields. He eventually immigrated to the United States and founded Harry Bachrach, Inc. in 1963, re-establishing his family’s textile company.

Bachrach’s international roots combined with a rich weaving experience made him an icon in New York. The company thrived, weaving dobby and Jacquard silk fabrics just outside of the city, with a showroom situated on Park Avenue. Harry Bachrach, Inc. provided fabrics for American necktie manufacturers, becoming well known with all of the top fabric manufacturers and designers of his time. His hard work and talents earned many accolades in the US market.

Since Bachrach’s death, the company has remained committed to designing neckwear fabrics for the U.S. market while continuing to prosper, initially weaving in the United States, with a design studio in New York City. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, as the market shifted to prints, the company established itself as a key producer of print fabrics for the U.S. market.

With an early entry and strong hold in Asia, many partners pushed Harry Bachrach Inc. to make finished ties in addition to supplying fabric. During this time the company suspended weaving operations in the US and began investing in a small Jacquard weaving operation outside of Shanghai. This set the stage for the company’s resurgence as the world’s premier supplier of Jacquard fabric. While designing in New York, the company pushed the envelope in Jacquard weaving, setting up colored warps and special weft combinations; processes previously perfected in the US.

Over the last fifteen years, wovens have reemerged as the dominant fabric trend in the Neckwear market.  Bachrach’s pivotal position in New York, including a design studio and extensive collection of archives, makes them one of the rare sources left in the world. Possessing such tradition coupled with commitment to excellence is what places Harry Bachrach in its own class.

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