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• Supply finished products including ties, bow ties, pocket squares, and other accessories.

• Extensive archive comprising over 20,000 woven designs and 15,000 silk print designs.

• Maintain an updated silk color library of over 500 weft and 30 warp colors.

• Forecast seasonal color direction with color matching service readily available.

• Create multiple seasonal collections each year weaving fabric in several qualities and combinations including: silk, linen, cotton, polyester, wool, and other fancy yarns.


• Provide a wide choice of design repeat sizes, weaves, and construction.

• Various finishing techniques available to complement customers’ looks.

• Develop original fabric and prints for customers upon request.

• Handle raw material sourcing from initial development to final production.

• Work in conjunction with factory, clients and third party testing to meet standard requirements and exceed expectations when developing fabric.

• Routine assessments of existing and new mills’ performance to ensure quality control of all sampling and production.

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